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When you think of Idaho what do you think of (besides the obvious potato joke)? Probably not tornado land right?


The other day I was driving the usual way home. In the sky ahead I noticed a difference in the clouds. They seemed denser than normal. They were also floating along pretty fast.

I looked over to my right and noticed an even crazier sight. One of the clouds resembled a tornado. I decided to pull over and grab a shot of it because I knew nobody would believe me because let’s be real here, it’s Idaho.

When I stepped out of the car to take the picture it was unreal. There was definitely a different feel to the air. It was floaty and electric, yet nice. I felt excited and wanted to sit there and enjoy the view.

First thing I did was upload the photo to Twitter.

To my surprise:

So long story short, the tornado was a huge deal since Idaho rarely gets them (though it does happen). It touched down a couple times (I think, or maybe just once). But there wasn’t any major damage. Here are my cell phone shots.

PS. I can’t explain how sad I was that I didn’t have my good camera in my car. OF ALL DAYS.


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