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Do you think this will be one of those embarrassing photos her dad pulls out when she brings her first boyfriend home?


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Okay I swear I’m not obsessed with Zoolander. Okay, maybe I am. Whatever.

Anyway…. Blue Steel.


I couldn’t help myself.

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You might as well get used to seeing this little face, I can’t get enough of these widdle cheeks.

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We brought my niece over for the first time and decided to introduce Buddy to his new cousin. He wasn’t impressed with the weird noises that were coming out of this little person.

After they left he put on some Cher, this outfit, and begged me not to bring one home.

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I’m a little behind on blogging this session and I’m not quite sure why. I’ve showed lots of little sneak peeks of this session but haven’t wrapped it up yet.

You might remember this adorable couple from their maternity session.

These sweet little boys finally made their appearance and couldn’t have been sweeter. They literally slept through the whole session, making my job extremely easy.

Someone wanted to come and visit…

Look at those sweet little lips.

Mom and dad actually had this pea pod made just for their session, how cute??

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As you remember, I had posted some maternity photos a couple posts ago. You can find it HERE if you can’t remember.

Well, May 20th at 12:25 am Ashlyn Angela Lee was born. Yay. Mama and baby are doing great, though Ashlyn has to stay in the NICU to make sure everything stays well. Since she is only 34 weeks, it is necessary that she stays.

Everyone has been excited to see her, so here she is!

I love how the sign says “She looks just like her daddy”. SOOO true.





I love the angle of this next one. One of my favorites.



Holding daddy’s hand. So sweet.


It has been alot of fun photographing this process. After mommy, baby and daddy have settled in, I will be doing an in-home session to wrap it all up.

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