Okay I swear I’m not obsessed with Zoolander. Okay, maybe I am. Whatever.

Anyway…. Blue Steel.


I couldn’t help myself.


Dontcha Think?

You might as well get used to seeing this little face, I can’t get enough of these widdle cheeks.

We brought my niece over for the first time and decided to introduce Buddy to his new cousin. He wasn’t impressed with the weird noises that were coming out of this little person.

After they left he put on some Cher, this outfit, and begged me not to bring one home.

I am addicted. If I could photograph births all day I would die a happy woman. I would also be an incredibly emotional woman.

This was my first birth. As most of you know it was also the birth of my little niece. Every time I look through the photos I tear up a little bit. I am not sure if it’s because my sister was the one having the baby or if it was because I am so touched by the birthing process.

Anyway, if you’re a Fan on Facebook you’ve already seen this video because I decided to post it early. If not, you should be. 😉


I’ll have lots more from this session soon, but I thought I’d post a quick photo.

How adorable are these boots? I think I need some.

It’s supposed to be nice today. Hoping to enjoy the sunshine today. What are your Memorial Day plans?