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Photo from my wedding taken by Northend Photography.

This last year I did a lot of business planning and changing. I re-evaulated my wedding packages and pricing, started blogging and changed my website. After talking with a couple brides these last few months I’ve discovered that my wedding packages did not have what they needed – namely a high resolution disk of photos. In previous years that wasn’t as big of a priority with brides, but now it is. So, with that new information I’ve decided to change my wedding pricing again.

Now you can build your own prices based on my base rate. From there you can add as much or as little as you want. You can check it out on my site if you want. tk-foto.com


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Last week I posted about a cool Vintage Bouquet that I found online. During my normal cruising on Etsy, I found a cool vintage boutonniere that you could pair it up with.

It looks like you can customize it to your own taste and wedding colors and they’re only around $25.00. Pretty sweet deal.

Find it HERE.

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I’m a weekly reader of Ritzy Bee. I started reading it when I was planning my own wedding. I’m still following it because it keeps me up on the latest wedding trends. Being a wedding photographer I figured that’s a good thing to be up on.

On Wednesdays they do a “Vintage Wednesday” post. This week’s post really stood out to me and I thought I’d share.

They showcased a company called Fantasy Floral Designs who makes these vintage bouquets out of old jewelry. Sound weird?

I grabbed this photo off of the Ritzy Bee post so you can get an idea.

Head over to the article HERE and check out the other photos they’ve posted of their work. I just though it was an interesting concept and would be fantastic for someone who is planning a vintage wedding.

I would have loved to have something like this for my bouquet. I was looking for a fun and nontraditional bouquet for mine.

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