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Okay I swear I’m not obsessed with Zoolander. Okay, maybe I am. Whatever.

Anyway…. Blue Steel.


I couldn’t help myself.


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We brought my niece over for the first time and decided to introduce Buddy to his new cousin. He wasn’t impressed with the weird noises that were coming out of this little person.

After they left he put on some Cher, this outfit, and begged me not to bring one home.

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I don’t care what anyone says, I know that I’m going to be THE cool aunt. My sister is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She still has about 7 weeks left, but still toward the end of the race.

My mom and I threw her a baby shower on the 10th. It was the first one that either of us had ever thrown, but it turned out really cute. Here are some of the details from the shower before anyone made it in.

Those are little binkies that my mom made. She used jelly beans and lifesavers.

Here’s a closer shot of the binkie.

This was my idea and I’m very proud of it 🙂

Here’s a photo my (not-pregnant) sister took of my (pregnant) sister and some of her old high school friends. Yes, I find it necessary to distinguish which sister did what.

Hopefully next time you hear about the baby she will be on the outside.

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I’ll tell you what. If you’re wanting to dive into the blog world, the first way to do it is to commit to a 365 project. Committing to blog every single day has really made me become more creative. My husband doesn’t even ask any questions when I ask if I can photograph something that might seem weird to him.

This project has made me pull out my camera more. I take pictures of more random stuff because I’m excited to blog about it. Yesterday’s post is a prime example of that.

Here is a couple more random photos.

You see, my youngest sister is on a softball team. Each year they sell these pastries for about $10 each. They’re frozen and all you have to do is pull it out, let it rise, and bake it. My husband LOVES them but they’re not so good on the gut. A week or so ago I came home to the delicious smell of pastries. My husband had cooked one of them and it was so pretty that I snapped a couple photos.

Here is one using the flash.

This one is using natural light from the window around sunset.

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Remember her? We invited her parents over for dinner one night and I decided to grab a couple of photos. I can’t believe how big she’s getting.

Her eyes are really this blue. I didn’t edit them at all.

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When you are a photographer, you start to slowly disappear from photos. Since I’m usually the person behind the camera I started to notice that my presence was slowly fading during family events and social gatherings. After that I decided that I didn’t want to completely disappear.  Now I’ll try to jump in a photo when I can so that there is proof that I was there! Now I can get my husband or sister to snap a shot of me with my camera every now and then.

Today at my sister’s baby shower, I grabbed that opportunity to have my (non-pregnant) sister to take a picture of me. This is one of my few self portraits. I’m a little bummed I was squinting, but nonetheless it is a self portrait.

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About a year ago we had to take Buddy to the vet because he had stopped eating and drinking. We had also noticed this rash that he had been licking on his belly.

Turns out that the excessive licking had caused an infection and he had to stay at the vet overnight hooked up to an IV to get his fluids back.

Fast forward to now. Buddy has started to lick his belly again and now it’s starting to get red. He also has a little gash on his shoulder in which he keeps licking. My guess is that he’s bored during the day and has been obsessing over it so it’s not healing like it should.

We’ve decided to avoid another 2k doctor bill and take matters into our own hands. We ran to the pet store to buy him some wound cream and an e-collar to keep him from licking for a couple days.

Since we put the collar on him he’s been freaking out. He’s never really had to wear one but we can’t figure out an other way to keep him from licking. Sorry dude.

I know we are terrible parents, but it is for his own good.

Ps.  for those of you who don’t know, we shave him early spring so that he isn’t as hot in the summer. He likes it.

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