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Here is the Flickr photo of the week. I forgot to do it last week, but I was busy!

The search term I used was “Sunshine”. I picked this because I’m so anxious for some warm sunshine.

User: giagia



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I decided to do the Flickr Photo of the Week a little early because I know it will be a crazy week for me. The keyword I decided to use today was “Knees”.

The reason I picked that word was because my knees suddenly started bothering me today. Those of you who know me, know that I’ve struggled with my knees all my life. This summer, I choked out a lot of money to get some physical therapy so that I could run again (because I love it oh so much). A new pair of shoes, some new stretches and $1000 later, the physical therapy seemed to pay off.

It is now March and I’ve been running every other day without any issues, until recently. Last Wednesday I ran hard and started having some knee pains, so I decided to take it easy on Friday and bike instead of run. No issues all weekend.

I ran yesterday, no problems. Today I was simply walking down the stairs and this sharp pain shot into my knees. Very strange. It then stopped hurting when I was standing there, but any pressure makes it feel like a huge bruise that shoots up a little bit. I’m very sad, and I don’t understand it. Tomorrow will be another biking day (unless I feel no pain in the morning, and I might test the waters).

ANYWAY, back to the photo. After I typed in “Knees” in the Flickr search, I scrolled down and this was the first to strike my attention.

Flickr User: fountaincoke

22/365 (9.6.08) Knee High Socks! (copycat) by fountaincoke.

For FGR and Knee High Socks and Copycat

TeeRish was the first person I came across when I joined flicker a few months ago, and of course she totally captivated me… I’m so glad to finally have an excuse to copycat her! Let’s go ahead and put it out there- this is a poor imitation, but an imitation none-the-less and therefore qualifies.

Here is the way radder original:

Happy Birthday FGR!

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Okay I’ve obviously not done a Flickr of the day for the last two days. From the feedback I’ve received and the laziness within, I’ve decided to narrow it down to the Flickr Photo of the Week. That will make my blog a little more interesting and I won’t have to do it every single day. If you have suggestions for Flickr users, send them my way.

Happy Weekend!



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I’ve decided that I need to create a post each day. So to keep that going, I’ve decided to post a Flickr photo of the day. There are so many artists on Flickr and it’s always fun to type in a random word and see what comes up. Just because this is a Tamara Kenyon Photography blog doesn’t mean it needs to be all about me, right?

Here is the Flickr photo of the day. I’ve cheated because I actually know the artist of this one. I went to high school with her and she is an extremely talented artist. Artist: Nicole Gelinas.



Nicole also has a blog. Check it out.

Until next time….


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