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Every year I like to introduce a Valentine’s Day Special for those ladies who want to either give their significant other a sweet little treat, or just to feel sexy.

That was the case for this young lady. Her house was THE perfect setting for these photos. Here are some of my favorites that I can show on the web :).


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Here are a couple pictures that are coming up. LOVED this V-Day Boudoir session!

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Yay. I’m excited to finally be able to show you these. I’ve had these waiting for a couple weeks now but we couldn’t show much until Heather was able to give her husband his birthday gift. We didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Here are some of my favorites from her boudoir session. She purchased some cute outfits at Pinup Girl Clothing just for the occasion.

Heather is a graphic design artist so she was excited about the idea of me using lots of textures to make these pictures a little saucier.

This one kinda reminds me of an iPod commercial. One of my favorites.

Absolute favorite! I love how she looks like she’s about to grab whatever comes into her reach.

Another favorite.

Remember this chair?

One more favorite!

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