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I’m logged into my old blog RSS feed to remind anyone that is still using this old feed that all of my new updated RSS feeds have been moved. You can either refresh your Google Readers if you’re using them. The address is exactly the same, but you still have to refresh to get new posts.

After today I’ll stop refreshing this RSS feed.

If you have no idea what this means, just ignore me 🙂


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When you think of Idaho what do you think of (besides the obvious potato joke)? Probably not tornado land right?


The other day I was driving the usual way home. In the sky ahead I noticed a difference in the clouds. They seemed denser than normal. They were also floating along pretty fast.

I looked over to my right and noticed an even crazier sight. One of the clouds resembled a tornado. I decided to pull over and grab a shot of it because I knew nobody would believe me because let’s be real here, it’s Idaho.

When I stepped out of the car to take the picture it was unreal. There was definitely a different feel to the air. It was floaty and electric, yet nice. I felt excited and wanted to sit there and enjoy the view.

First thing I did was upload the photo to Twitter.

To my surprise:

So long story short, the tornado was a huge deal since Idaho rarely gets them (though it does happen). It touched down a couple times (I think, or maybe just once). But there wasn’t any major damage. Here are my cell phone shots.

PS. I can’t explain how sad I was that I didn’t have my good camera in my car. OF ALL DAYS.

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Website Maintenance

Website is temporarily down for maintenance. You can currently access it at http://tk-foto.showitsite.com in the meantime.

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Posts might be a little on the short side around here this week as I’m switching some stuff up. I’m completely switching over to a self-hosted WordPress account instead of the WordPress hosted version.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this sweet little lady from the country.

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Okay I swear I’m not obsessed with Zoolander. Okay, maybe I am. Whatever.

Anyway…. Blue Steel.


I couldn’t help myself.

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We brought my niece over for the first time and decided to introduce Buddy to his new cousin. He wasn’t impressed with the weird noises that were coming out of this little person.

After they left he put on some Cher, this outfit, and begged me not to bring one home.

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I’ll have lots more from this session soon, but I thought I’d post a quick photo.

How adorable are these boots? I think I need some.

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