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I am addicted. If I could photograph births all day I would die a happy woman. I would also be an incredibly emotional woman.

This was my first birth. As most of you know it was also the birth of my little niece. Every time I look through the photos I tear up a little bit. I am not sure if it’s because my sister was the one having the baby or if it was because I am so touched by the birthing process.

Anyway, if you’re a Fan on Facebook you’ve already seen this video because I decided to post it early. If not, you should be. 😉



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I got the call around 8:30am while in the middle of eating my breakfast.

“Looks like they are going to induce her.”

Fortunately my bags were all packed and I was ready to go. I jumped in the shower, got ready, and headed out the door.

2:45pm – still dilated t0 4 cm. We thought it was going to be a long night.

3:30pm. Nurse says, “Well, you’re between an 8 and a 9.”


On May 26th, just a little after 4:00pm Kallie Lynn decided to make her appearance into the world. 8lbs 4oz, 20″ long.

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Starting this summer I’m opening up my schedule to birth photography. My first birth will be early June and cannot wait. I will only commit to a couple births a month, as it is hard to target specific dates and I don’t want to over-book myself.

Jillian Kirby Photography

(photo above wasn’t taken by me, but I will have some up once they’re available)

If you’re intersted in booking me as your birth photographer, contact me at tamara@tk-foto.com with questions or concerns. I will have super affordable rates for my first year since I am fairly new and would like to build a portfolio.

Boise doesn’t really have this service, and I love pregnancy and child birth that I think that this is a perfect match (and yes I’ve seen the whole process). I’ve always had a huge interest in birth and almost made a career out if it if there was a mid-wife program in Boise when I was looking at different professions.

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