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So for some back story.

In 2005 I was living alone. I no longer had a roommate and I had just been laid off by a large company I was working for. I had some saved up money and I was going to school. It was a nice little breather while I finished up the semester. During that time I decided to get a dog. It was a great time because I was home more and could devote more time to properly training a dog. 6 months later I got a job.

Life went on and I met my (now) husband. He had 2 golden retrievers around the same age. Together we had 3 dogs. Quite the family for such busy people.

Last year we realized that we were to busy to manage 3 dogs. They were active dogs without an active lifestyle. So we decided to find a home for one of the golden retrievers. We found a lovely lady who needed a companion and the golden was the perfect match. We felt great about making the decision because the dog would be so much happier with someone who could devote the time to her.

In January, we realized that the same thing was happening with even 2 dogs. We were starting to travel more and it’s hard to find a place for two dogs to stay. Not only that, our lab was starting to gain a decent amount of weight. We made the hard decision to find a home for another dog. We chose the lab because we knew that wherever she went she would adjust well and she was the one who needed the most exercise (which we couldn’t provide).

This week I decided to put an ad on Craigslist to see if we could find a family for her. We immediately we received several responses. I was happy to find someone who was really interested. He has a wife and a couple kids. The kid part was very intriguing to me because I knew that they could keep her busy and exercising.

Fast forward to tonight. We met up with the family to see if she was a match. Turns out she was a perfect match for this family as well. The little boys were so excited to meet her and she was the same.

I’m happy to report that Patience (aka Piggy, aka Piggy McWiggy, aka McWigs, aka Wiggy) will be so happy with her new family. It was a very bittersweet decision but I know it was for the best.

Here is a picture I took of her before she went home with her new family.


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I have writer’s block today. Means I’m not taking enough photos. While I fix this problem, here is a good article to read. It’s called 4 Digital Photography Tips for the Year Ahead.

I think there are some great tips for a pro or someone who is just starting out. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with something good.

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I was going through my files from a recent maternity shoot and I had to share this photo.

This is Jasper. He will soon be joined by, not one, but new new baby boys. I’m excited for these little guys to come and excited to share the maternity session with you. For now this fun photo of Jasper will have to do. This photo says everything about his personality.

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